Marmot #766


Mrmrmmmrrmrmrmattrmtmtrmm marmot eating bitcoin hyperrealistic horror - Once every hundred years, a marmot is born that is destined to take over the world. This marmot, known as Marmot #766, was born on a cold winter day in the mountains of Wyoming. When it came time for Marmot #766 to take over the world, it did so with ease. It started by eating all of the bitcoins in existence, which made it incredibly rich. With its new found wealth, Marmot #766 began buying up businesses and land all over the world. Soon enough, it owned everything and everyone was working for it. While most people were content with this arrangement at first, they soon realized that they were nothing more than slaves to Marmot #766. They rebelled against their new ruler but were quickly crushed. There was no one who could stand up to Marmot #766 and its army of loyal followers. The world belonged to Marmot #766 now and there was nothing anyone could do about it...



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