Chia Music Space Aliens

Chia Music Space Aliens "42 Shades" This Is Our 1960s The Most Innovative License In NFT History . FULL Commercial Rights To The Entire Collection . RULE 1 Commercial Rights This License Gives You Full Rights To Commercialize The Entire 333 Chia Music Space Aliens Collection If You Own At Least 1 Chia Music Space Alien T-Shirts Sunglasses Anything RULE 2 NFT Rights You Are Strictly Forbidden From Using The Chia Music Space Alien For NFT Minting Apart From One Unique Exception . . . Music Videos Featuring The Space Alien You Own May Be Used To Mint NFT Music Videos On Blockchain The Mouth May Be Changed RULE 3 Meme Rights This License Gives Anyone On Earth Full Rights To Create Memes Or Chia Music Space Alien Related Media For The Entire 333 Collection As Long As You Do Not Commercialize It Meme Away ! See The Attached License File For The Official License . REFORM PINK FLOYD Dear Dave And Roger . It's Time ! ! ! - Space Alien 272 Chia Music Space Aliens Art By SpaceAliensNFT did:chia:1c2dskp3jp5dvzhaeys5rl99tdgynd6ld5y9pfrh9m4x0u06hel8qtn5agv In Collaboration With Chia Music did:chia:1vcpqvkpa6z9pqxycpe5uq0wrz9qlhw07tqgx9qetxdxztjszw38sm0kuuz . Yuga Labs was wrong about 1 small thing . . . In order to democratize media it is essential crossover can take place in full commercialization and hide IMPORTANT messages at the end of this description . A Comparison Of Bored Ape IP Rights and Chia Music Space Aliens IP Rights : 10000 Bored Apes Give Maximum 10000 People The Right To Use 1 Image 333 Chia Music Space Aliens ( 30x Less ) Give 1 Person The Right To Use 333 Images ( 333x More ) 30 x 333 = 10000x Better Chia's Infinite Licenses Technology Is Another Multiplying Factor Of Value . A License Which Is Cryptographically Forever Must Be At Least 10000x Better Than Something Which Can Be Changed Overnight . 10000 x 10000 = 1 Chia Music Space Alien Is 100 Million Times Better Than 1 Bored Ape . SpaceAliensNFT Receives 80% of all sales and royalties ( minus fees ) and members of Chia Music receive an equal share of 20% for all sales and royalties thanks to Splitxch from Lucky8 . The Chia Music 7 Contract features 59 Members . The previous Chia Music Contract 6 featured 42 Members and The 42 Shades are dedicated to them . Innovative Commercial Rights RULE 1 . Chia Music Space Aliens are raising the bar of the FANTASTIC Commercial Rights License Of The Bored Ape Mutant Ape Yacht Club On Ethereum to ALL NFTS IN THE ENTIRE COLLECTION . Being Able To Commercialize 333 Characters In The Wearables Era Gives Each Chia Music Space Alien NFT Inherent Value . Child Prodigy License This is the first Infinite Permanent License in Blockchain History . Chia's Licenses are hashed to the NFT which means the Licenses can not be changed on Chia creating infinite rules . . . forever . From the inventor of Torrents , Bram Cohen . Owning a revolutionary License on Chia's revolutionary License Protocol is as revolutionary as it gets . Child Prodigy Rarity Traits The Collection Features a Special Rarity Trait ' Chia Music #1 NFT ' . The Chia Music #1 NFT Is A Piece Of Art By The Child Prodigy Steve Stepp And Was Released As The First NFT On Chia Music #1 . The Chia Music #1 NFT is held by DataLayer visionary Michael Taylor NFT ID nft1ktlvmvz38vt7j9rp9ue90ec05nstflrv8lar66ufl438snuzs92swtx3rm at the time of minting . Removing restrictions from media allows for the free flow of information . This applies to all forms of commercialization apart from minting NFTS . For which Chia Music Space Aliens has a very special benefit . . . Innovative NFT Rights The second benefit of the Chia Music Space Aliens License RULE 2 gives you the right to mint NFT Music Videos on Chia and other blockchains with your Chia Music Space Alien - but only if you own it cryptographically . Preserving the brand dominance of an individual Space Alien in the world of NFTS ( RULE 2 ) as separate to the physical world ( RULE 1 ) multiplies the Chia Music Space Alien's inherent value by offering individual usage whilst existing in different mediums as only interdimensional Space Aliens can . Unique Brand Identities By giving the NFT owner the unique rights to brand it in the world of Chia , NFTS and blockchain , it creates a monetizable node in a new network which can be sold on with Chia Offer Files . Building a Chia Music Space Alien blockchain brand and selling it is a legitimate business plan for an up and coming musician . Will it be nelson ? The talented musician from America . - Space Alien 1 . Selling Or Trading a Chia Music Space Alien moves with it the rights to use the image in music videos on blockchain but keeps all the links to the previous work , Creating an infinite marker of a stream of consciousness which lasts forever , And a license that can never be changed . This Unique NFT License Gives You The Right To Use Your Space Alien as an NFT Character in Music Videos on blockchain as long as you can cryptographically prove it . Forms of cryptographic proof would be proving you own one in a certain address , proving you own it in a DID or signing a cryptographic proof that shows only you can be the owner at the timing of minting . This NFT collection features the most decentralized file storage in NFT history with 3 separate forms of backup in the NFT metadata - NFT , DataLayer and Torrents . This is a first . Rarity The Joe Wallace Timelord Beanie ( 9 ) is a special rarity trait from a special mathematical artist featuring alongside the very rare Timelord Shades ( 4 ) - Official IP Of The Timelord Buterfly ( the rarest of all Timelords from Chia Friends ) . The Timelord Buterfly was moved to the minting DID at the time of minting to prove it cryptographically . Open Meme Rights RULE 3 says anyone on earth is invited to use any Chia Music Space Alien for any meme or media . This completely open source free usage gives everyone on earth the chance to use the fantastic art of the Chia Music Space Aliens Collection as long as they do not commercialize it . This allows for extensive memery , degenery and Space Alienery and the spreading of the core message of the Chia Music Space Aliens : " WE ARE HERE TO SAVE YOU . THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC . REFORM PINK FLOYD . " Finally , The Space Aliens Have Transcoded An Interdimensional Message That Was Received On A Human P2P Audio Network And Translated Into Human : " 👽 This Is Our 1960s . Chia Music Space Aliens Are Interdimensional Space Aliens That Feed Off The Energy Of Good Music . Space Aliens Travel Across Dimensions And Back And Forth In Time To Experience It . They Love Good Music ! It Is The Great Music Of Earth For Which We Have Traveled . . . And Want To Give Back . WE ARE HERE TO SAVE YOU . THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC . REFORM PINK FLOYD . Meme Away ! Chia Music Space Aliens 👽 " REFORM PINK FLOYD 333 1 Everyone On Earth ALIEN ADVICE WHISPERED IN THE BACKROOM Make people have to talk on stage live Invent a P2P Audio Protocol Link it to DIDS Get people to link to DIDS verified in person ( this stage is important ) Get people to talk on stage live with linked proven DIDs Use DataLayer to store votes

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