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Growing the Next Generation ofNon-Fungible Tokens

MintGarden aspires to be the best platform for minting and trading NFTs in the Chia ecosystem.

NFT Tokens

Explore Chia Asset Tokens

Explore Chia Asset Tokens (CATs) that can be redeemed for an NFT after the NFT standard has been released on Chia.

30 Day Volume
Chia Holiday 2021 image
Chia Holiday 2021
Volume: 464.04 XCHFloor: 0.55 XCHLast: 0.49 XCH
Space RatZ NFT GEN2 image
Space RatZ NFT GEN2
Volume: 391.43 XCHFloor: 3.2 XCHLast: 3 XCH
Chamster image
Volume: 214.23 XCHFloor: 2.95 XCHLast: 2.8 XCH
UFC Genesis image
UFC Genesis
Volume: 205.9 XCHFloor: 5 XCHLast: 4.9 XCH


The Power of Chia NFTs

The Chia NFT standard is expected to be released around the end of H1 2022.


Decentralized Identities (DIDs) verify the authenticity of NFT creators, owners, and collectors.


Chia Offer Files enable true peer-to-peer and NFT for NFT trading.


The Chia Proof-of-Space-Time (PoST) securely stores MintGarden NFTs with the first Nakamoto Consensus since Bitcoin.


The functional blockchain language ChiaLisp provides unlimited extensibility and utility for MintGarden NFTs.


DIDs and the Chia blockchain ledger ensures full provenance for every NFT.

Perpetual Royalties

The Chia NFT standard smart coin secures perpetual creator royalties on-chain.