Farmers of Chialisp

Farmers of Chialisp is the world’s first NFT collection tied to the Chia Network. Harnessing the power of the Chia blockchain and framework, these NFTs extend beyond standard profile pictures. Each piece is coupled to a fully-realized 3D model via metadata, offering owners an enriched, immersive experience. The collection spans multiple generations, each boasting its distinctive charm. But it's within the OG Farmers of Chialisp generation that you'll find our hand-made 1/1 NFTs - bespoke creations that embody our love for the digital art world. Some of these special editions pay homage to the trailblazers of the Chia Network, celebrating their tireless work that's brought us to the dawn of a new crypto era. But wait, there's more! Farmers of Chialisp is an exciting metaversal encounter, where brave Farmers are not just cultivating crypto. They're also fending off the resourceful Mugglers in a high-stakes battle for precious tokens. So, join us at Farmers of Chialisp and immerse yourself in the innovative, diverse world of digital collectibles. We're more than just a collection; we're a celebration of the vibrant future of the Chia blockchain.

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