Happy XCHolidays 2023

The NFTs in this collection were given to those in attendance at the Hong Kong Chia Meetup on December 12, 2023. So much happened in Chia in 2023 -- GPU and Compressed Plots, moving the official Chia community to Discord, Clawbacks, Chia TCG, First Verifiable Public Retirement of Carbon Credits on the World Bank CAD Trust, Chia 2.x, ASIC timelords and more! On top of that, the roadmap promised many new primitives for 2024, including a vault custody solution, an iOS signer app, a bridge, a new DAO primitive, and an enterprise wallet service. Let's not forget, the first network halving was just three months away, and visions of an IPO danced in everyone's heads. This meetup was one for the ages. If anyone tells you they were there, they better have an NFT from this collection to back it up.

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