Unicorp 1986™

Unicorp is an exciting new company pioneering commercial space travel for you and your family. Let's face it, the modern '80s household is busy. You want to claim territory in the sanctioned space colonies but you don't have time to understand the complexities of space travel? Can't be expected to know the difference between cosmic dust malfunctions and electrical anomalies during flight? That's where Unicorp comes in! Our affordable space flight charters make the journey to well-established colonies like Rack, Paradise, and Neo easy. Unicorp flight technicians keep you and your family safe as you venture to cleaner prospects off-world! So, browse our catalog and lock in your destination as soon as you can. Many off-world colonies are subject to population caps and may reach capacity in the coming years. There's never been a better time to leave Earth, and there's never been a more trustworthy corporation to help you get there than Unicorp!

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