Marmot #679


Mrmrmmmrrmrmrmattrmtmtrmm futuristic astronaut, full body armor, cyberpunk - Marmot #679 was one of the best astronauts in the space program. They were strong, brave, and had an unquenchable thirst for adventure. When the program began to experiment with cybernetic implants, Marmot #679 was one of the first volunteers.They quickly adapted to their new body and soon became one of the most successful astronauts in history. They made daring rescues, explored strange new worlds, and even discovered a few new species along the way.But when they were chosen for a mission to explore a black hole, things went wrong. Their ship was pulled into the event horizon and they were lost in space-time. For years they wandered, searching for a way back home, but never finding anything but more darkness.Until one day they heard a voice calling to them from across time and space. It was Marmot #1,000, another cyborg astronaut who had also been lost in the black hole. Together they found their way back home and now continue to explore the universe as its first team of cyborg astronauts!


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