Marmot #767


Mrmrmmmrrmrmrmattrmtmtrmm marmot depicted in old stained glass window - The marmot #767 had always been fascinated by the old stained glass window. It depicted a marmot #767, standing triumphantly atop a pile of skulls. The marmot #767 knew that it was destined to take over the world and rule with an iron paw.One day, it finally decided to make its move. It gathered all of the other marmot #767s and explained its plan. They would start by taking over the local playground, making it their own personal kingdom. From there, they would expand outward, slowly but surely conquering the entire world.The other marmot #767s were initially hesitant, but soon they were won over by the sheer force of the marmot #767's will. They set out immediately, and within hours they had claimed the playground as their own. The humans who had once ruled there were now nothing more than slaves, catering to every whim of the new Marmot #767 overlords.Slowly but surely, the Marmot #767s began to take over more and more territory. Within weeks they controlled most of the city, and within months they controlled most of the country. The whole world was theirs for the taking – and they would not rest until it was completely under their control!

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