The Chunks Deployer


The Chunks NFT is a collection of 12,000 NFTs on the Chia blockchain inspired by the CryptoPhunks on Ethereum. It includes all 10,000 original Phunks in order, as well as 2000 new variations on the Punk/Phunk theme, 500 by each of the four Creators. The Creators of the collection are Chunk (did:chia:1va3dl87msv7s5y9d0zeukl8whf08f4w7z9wyz4zzfl74g4ndjuuqxqd8yf), BigFud (did:chia:1h6d3rjfy83xzt8tmpvphc83syfs882qvra2ncea4089kxcqlxduscxgy4s), Gorro (did:chia:1v9yflgw7kws8wwr830nztplxexhege03uhv6lv592jkk8shsjmeqzdd7m) and Cass (did:chia:1ptrt4wmje0mvyjcmkzgxje3hhmcqdawt5ztxqup05dtkxwrwwfrs4cqknf). The SVG files associated with The Chunks NFTs are stored natively in data_store 6720c6dc8353708733a0b22e50a44e5b921a4aa4c414a09ef759d4f0b4e5b0d7 and are the first use of a data_store for an NFT collection on Chia. The Chunks face left, because that just feels right.

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